Bears QB Jay Cutler Has A Torn MCL, Severity Unknown

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by BigBlueBruiser, Jan 24, 2011.

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    How do you know he didn't? lol...
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    If he played in the game and looked REAL bad because he was hurt he'd be ripped apart for being selfish. Gotta love the double standard of the NFL fans.
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    Dude plays with Type 1 diabetes and correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't he have an insulin pump? There isn't anything about D-bag with this guy. If he was too hurt to play, he was too hurt. he's not a rah-rah run up and down the side lines kind of guy. He's a stoic, straight faced kind of guy. He's still a great QB and I'd rather see him on the sideline than risk something far more serious.
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    You could see that he was playing with a hurt knee. It was obvious. Unless he was faking the injury the whole time...a big scheme...
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    i ruptured my ACL and had a horseshoe tear of the meniscus.....i played for about 15 min with it and it hurt like hell......after my knee cooled down i couldn't put any weight on it for crap......on the worste pain I have ever had and i have had a grade 4 separated shoulder, torn tendons in my ankles.....and none of them felt as bad as my knee.......i couldtn have been stood on aside line with full pads and riding a bike.....
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    when i hear sprain or tear i think of McNabb hobbling on and off the field with a broken ankel. pathetic :tsk:
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    its playing 4 a spot at the wasnt a regular game that none of it mattered. If Cutler played and then got diagnosised...he would have been seen as a or lose. now he has a target on his back. how much did he want that win? and be in the SB. not much from the looks of it.
  8. If it were the Super would be like Blitz: The League for me. I would play with a shattered kneecap.....just shoot it up. Not often you get this far......
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    Phillip Rivers played through the torn acl, and he played bad and lost the game. But no one questioned his toughness anymore.
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    so true ^^^^......

    actually the team rallied around him and probobly follow the dude to hell and back now
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    My biggest problem with Cutler was that in all of the shots they showed of him and their other QBs, I didn't see any of him with them looking over pictures and talking strategy. Perhaps he did some of that, but for as often as they showed the camera on him, you would think some of that would have been caught on camera. I understand Mullet's point.
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    Lol at anyone defending this guy. League players are calling this guy out and fans are trying to rationalize his behavior because he plays with diabetes? WTF?
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    There were definitely shots of Cutler talking with Hanie and looking at pictures. Hanie actually came out today and said that Cutler was talking with him when he was coming off the field and helping him.
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    I hears thison Dan Patrick this morning when Hanie cakkes into the show
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    Everyone is talking about Cutler like he was playing well then all of a sudden stopped playing well, he played like crap IMO for most of the game and it wouldn't have surprised me if the coach had him taken out in order to play someone else because Cutler just wasn't getting it done. I really thought that he was removed, more than Cutler gave up and wanted to be on the sideline.
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    I did to at first glance...
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    IMO if you get removed from the nfcc game for poor play in favor of todd collins you should immediately commit suicide on the sidelines, not mope like a 3yr girl who just had her jersey shore barbie taken from her.