Bears QB Jay Cutler Knocked Out NFC Title Game Vs Packers With Injured Knee

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  1. Todd Collins replaced Jay Cutler at quarterback for the Bears in the third quarter of their NFC Championship Game against the Packers, and Cutler's return was uncertain because of a knee injury. Collins misfired on his first pass after an interception by Brian Urlacher of an Aaron Rodgers pass that kept the score at 14-0 Packers. Cutler suffered a banged-up knee in the first half, according to a report by FOX's Chris Meyers, but remained in the game as the second half began. Meyers said coach Lovie Smith told him Cutler was dealing with a sore knee but would try to play through it. Collins warmed up and prepared to enter in case Cutler's knee was too sore to go.

    Source: Chicago Tribune
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  2. Collins is in......
  3. Cutler is questionable to return......Collins is the man for the time being.
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    Calling BS on the knee being the reason
  5. Article updated......
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    I agree. I think this is more of a move due to Cutler's play today. He's sucked butt.
  7. Cutler is going to be hammered all offseason for this......and rightfully so.
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    Hell, I would take him in a heartbeat in Tennessee. Even with his performance today.
  10. At least Cutler isn't nearly as bad as "Trade" Cade McNown......
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    Caleb Hanie in to replace Collins.
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    So....if he goes out...who's left?
  13. Cutler and Collins cannot return since Henie went in before the fourth quarter......

    It's all on Caleb now.
  14. Holy crap......what a pass by Hanie.

    Can he actually lead the Bears back? What a story that would be.
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    Caleb Hanie....
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    tweeted right after cutler's "injury"

    @Jones_Drew32 I think the urban meyer rule is effect right now... When the going gets tough........QUIT..
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    MJD with the zinger!
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    These are the kinds of responses that always cracked me up when I annually wished for the Eagles to rid themselves of McNabb.

    I understand you aren't sold in what you have at QB, but why the heck would you want to a guy who has proven time after time that he is a whiny, immature cat with a turnover problem (talking about Cutler, not McNabb)? Because he might help you win a couple games more when he is 'on'?

    Odds are that Cutler will never be a prominent postseason quarterback. At this stage in a career, you usually have SOME sort of insight. This guy has loads of talent, I'll agree to that. But he does not have the heart or the mind of a champion. Not even freaking close.

    Back to the topic at hand. I actually missed the first half of the game, but there is no excuse for the starting quarterback to bail out like this. Go in the room and get a freaking cortisone shot if your knee hurts. Step up and be a leader for your team. Your coach was telling you that you're riding the bench the rest of the game? Get in his face and tell him it's your freaking team and he isn't benching you, not in this game.

    I'd be livid if I were a Bears fan.