Bears QB Kyle Orton Ready For Anything

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by mike oxlong, Sep 14, 2008.

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    Before the ankle injury, Orton wasn't making the mistakes that he does now. Hell, there was even talk of giving him a contract extension. Since the ankle injury, the contract extension talks got put to a halt.
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    KO got 10 wins in 2005 and it wasnt all down to him,the Bears had one of the best defense in the league and a good two headed running attack. The Bears won in spite of him and he was swiftly benched as soon as Rex could get healthy. He got a couple of wins late last season against two teams with nothing to play for. In his first start last year he had a chance to win the game against Minnesota on a deep throw to Berrian - he missed. He seems to be making a lot of poor decisions not just on where he puts his throws but how he delivers them.

    In my view Kyle Orton is not a great QB and is barely a good one. He looks like Brian Griese to me - a guy you want as a backup, who can come in and win a few games but just doesn't have the skill set - mentally and physically - to take you where you need to go in the long run.

    Sure KO has engineered some late drives - but cast your mind back and you'll find even Shane Matthews managed a few of those.
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    Having a good defense always help but Kyle doesn't have that this year. As for the deep ball attempt to Berrian from Orton in Minnesota last year, chances are Grossman would have over thrown that pass too. How fitting that Frerotte throws a deep ball to Berrian and he burns Tillman for a 99 yard TD this year in Minnesota. You don't need a great QB to win you football games. You need a QB that won't make mistakes and that was Orton up until the ankle injury. Granted Orton has thrown some INTs that I would love to strangle him for, he's come through in the clutch like the last two games.
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    Orton IMO has only proved that he is a great 2nd string,dont get me wrong,I like the guy and we should hold onto him at all cost..but I still think he isnt the future...but then again we havnt had a franchise QB since Sid Luckman..:icon_sad:
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    Grossman is good as gone once the Bears season is over. Caleb Hanie isn't ready to back up Orton just yet granted he tore it up in preseason but that was against backups. If we have to draft a QB in the draft to back up Orton, so be it.
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    yeah,but it would have to be a high end QB in the draft and I dont see us being in a spot for a 1st round QB..IMO it would be better to get a vet in..and I dont mean McNabb...just to have someone to fall back on should Orton slip up.
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    I would be ok if Jerry Angelo took a QB in the 3rd or 4th round. A Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco type would be nice.
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    we had the chance to take Flacco but we went for Williams instead..
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    The O-Line needed to be addressed. Just turns out Flacco didn't fall into our lap in the 2nd round.
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    yeah..but was Wiliiams worth losing Flacco for...:icon_eek:
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    Probably at the time, lol.
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    Overall Orton did put up better numbers before the injury but he was making some shaky reads at times back then, it is just that he was a bit fortunate to not get picked as much early in the season as most of his bad throws were dropped by defenders. The Panthers game still stands out to me because he tried his best to throw at least two pick 6 passes in that game but the Panthers had concrete hands.

    Also the ankle injury has nothing to do with him staring down his receivers, which is something that has been frequently picked up on in his 2nd half performances. The main place where the ankle injury would probably hurt him is in planting firmly to throw the deep ball. But staring down receivers and making poor reads, that has nothing to do with his ankle.

    Don't get me wrong, Kyle is certainly a better answer than Rex and overall I do feel Kyle is a serviceable QB for the time being. He doesn't hurt the team too badly but let's not gloss over his bad moments by blaming it on a bum ankle either.

    For this team to move forward with Orton as starter, they do need to get the defense back to being a solid unit again and IMO they need to upgrade at WR (duh) and also find a capable HB who can spell Forte and be effective. I'm sorry but the other Adrian Peterson is not the answer.........he is a valuable special teams guy but no way is he a #2 RB on a good NFL team.

    So QB is actually not the biggest problem at the moment.......that doesn't mean I don't want the Bears to seek quality competition for Kyle each year. Competition is good.........look what happened when we tried to not give Rex any competition. *grumbles*
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    Hindsight is 20/20, what do you think Flacco would've done on this team? Nothing, it still would've been the Matt Forte show, he would've looked like trash with no help. He probably wouldn't have even started.

    We were in DESPERATE need of a LT last year, and that position was the right pick. The jury is still out on Williams anyway since '08 was basically a lost season, for all we know, he could end up dominating. The thing people are snitching about is the fact that there was another OT on the board (Otah) who came in and contributed immediately, but Williams had the injury the Bears should've known about and never got his work in during training camp. We'll find out in '09. If he's good, I hope everyone will stop looking at this with hindsight as if they ever thought the Bears planned on (or should've) taking a QB with the first pick.

    I didn't post it here, but my feelings never changed (URL knows)