Bears Release Tank Johnson

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by Wolv, Jun 25, 2007.

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    Bears Release DT Tank Johnson

    The Chicago Bears are through with DT Tank Johnson as the waived him on Monday. Already suspended by the NFL for the first eight games of the 2007 season for violating the league's personal conduct policy, Johnson was pulled over and arrested by police in Gilbert, Ariz., at 3:30 a.m. Friday and was issued a citation for "being impaired to the slightest degree." "We are upset and embarrassed by Tank's actions last week," Bears general manager Jerry Angelo said in a statement posted on the team's Web site. "He compromised the credibility of our organization. We made it clear to him that he had no room for error. Our goal was to help someone through a difficult period in his life, but the effort needs to come from both sides. It didn't, and we have decided to move on."

    Source:Brian Hamilton, Chicago Tribune[you have to register to the site to see the link]
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    from KFFL

    Wow I am surprised.

    Was there more to that situation in AZ than a routine traffic stop?
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    Wow, it's like a newbie reporter battle.
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    I hope the Titans and Bengals follow the example.
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    The bengals should pick him up. ;)
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    Tank Johnson what????


    Learning his lesson huh???? All I heard was "he's changed, his best friend was killed"...Yeah, he changed like a leopard can change his spots!!!

    Why would the Bengals pick him up, he may be out for the rest of the season now....
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    Too bad Goodell wasn't in office when the "WhiteHouse" was in full force, Michael Irvin wouldn't be going to the HOF
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    Well what's next for Tank? He hecked up badly. Would there be any teams that would want to pick him up now? Tank's not going to be acting any better than now. He'll just get in more and more trouble, I'd be amazed if anyone picked him up. He's bound to be out for the season soon anyway.
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    Maybe because I was a kid at the time, but I don't remember Irvin being involved in a murder :shock:
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    Do you have any basis whatsoever for saying he "Is not going to be acting any better now" and "He'll just get in more and more trouble", or are you just talking out of your ass? I'm pretty sure it's the second option.

    It's a speeding ticket, people, possibly a DUI. That's not exactly a capital crime in either case. I think everyone might be overreacting JUST a bit here. Look at all the crap Pacman had to do (fighting cops, multiple assault charges and police contacts, culminating in a shooting involvement or two) before he got a year suspension. Please. They might tack a game or two on to his existing suspension IF he gets charged with DUI, but that's about it. And I guarantee you someone will take a flier on him anyway. He's a probowl talent player on the Dline, and just about every team in the league wants that. Plenty of teams would be willing to take a risk on a player who, in my opinion (see how that works, 86, it's an OPINION) is not nearly as much of a liability as a guy like Jones or Henry. Even Pacman will get picked up by someone after he is released by the Titans and that is a garoontee.
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    Well, Walnuts, Tank's been getting in trouble lately if you haven't noticed. That is why I'm saying, I will bet he continues to get in trouble. And obviously, PacMan's also a screw up, no need to bring that up. Tank's not exactly astounding either playing wise. He's good, but not really good. There might be some teams who'll take a chance for him maybe, I wouldn't go for him but I don't run a team, maybe someone will pick him up.
    Tank doesn't get in as much trouble as Pacman, but he's still trouble none of the less my friend.
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    Tank was given one last chance by the Bears late last season and he hecked up big time.
  14. ollysj

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    It looks like the whole league overreacting a little in their try to make it a <clean> league. Every lil crap a player is doing right now, brings him in the media and in Godells office. Tons of ppl get a ticket handled out bc of speeding or will be stopped with DUI (not that it is allright for my if someone DUI), but suspend players for such a minor crap? c'mon :?

    For Tanks case, his first suspension was deserved, but what going on now....I dunno
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    Dude, he got pulled over for going 40 in a 25. He wasn't held or charged for anything other than that. His other crap is for possesion of a firearm. He's not getting in any serious trouble ala Pacman, he's not causing disturbances in strip clubs every other weekend, he's not shooting anyone or getting in fights. If this gun crap had happened in Arizon (of which he is a resident) he would not have been charged with anything. Except a speeding ticket. For going 40 in a 25. Gimme a break.
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    its not the fact the crime was small, its the fact that he knew he had to watch his butt no matter what he does and yet he knowingly went 40 in a 25.....when he knew anytype of criminal involvement, being even a parking ticket, would put him under criticism and scrutiny.
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    Please. I catch myself doing that all the time without even realizing it. It's not like he was tearing through a school zone at 110 miles an hour.
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    You also forgot to mention some of "the other crap" he did. Aggravated assault, resisting arrest, and probation violation. I never said he did anything too serious, he hasn't. He's not worse than Pacman, but still a liability for legal troubles.
  19. Chrisbob

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    I think his release has more to do with his suspension than anything else. He's gone for half a season and it would take him another 3 or 4 games to get into football shape. Add in another 'event' could see a life time or at least, a longer ban and the Bears must just feel it's best to move on now and if that's the case, I don't blame 'em.
  20. Walnuts

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    I didn't forget to mention anything. Charges were dropped for the assault and resisting, so why mention it? Probation violation (for having guns IN HIS OWN HOUSE) stemmed from the firearm possession, I lumped that all together.

    If you don't think he is as bad as Pacman, or did anything as serious as Pacman, why are you suggesting that he is going to be suspended for a year, as Pacman was? He hasn't been in a fraction of the legal troubles Pacman has, and what he has been in trouble for wasn't that all that serious, IMO.