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    I'm no Patriots fan, but I like that cheater...he makes me laugh.
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    I love that guy.
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    He looks like he is about to get down or study film on his next opponent.

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    ICECOLD 1st Stringer

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    guess he should have let a few psi out of the mic for better handling.
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    Should the 'Pats beat Seattle Belichick will be my 'best head coach in NFL history'. Just a shame his legacy will be laced with asterisks.
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    you look back at the greatest coaches in the league,lombardi,chuck noll,tom landry,joe gibbs,bill walsh,all won multiple super bowls without cheating.too bad that belichick will never be in their category because of allegations of cheating.that is what he'll be remembered for whether or not it's true.the allegation is just as bad as the actual act.