Bengal's DT Devon Still Meets Saints' Coach Sean Payton

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    You might recall the heartwarming tale of Saints coach Sean Payton buying 100 Devon Stilljerseys, which went to help funding research for pediatric cancer.

    Great thoughtfulness by Payton, and the Bengals defensive tackle was dutifully appreciative for his charity.

    On Sunday, following Cincinnati's 27-10 win vs. New Orleans on Sunday, the two shook hands after the game and hugged. As you can see in that photo above.

    "He's basically what got the ball rolling with everything," Still said, via the AP, last week. "A lot of the credit goes to him for what he did. You can't thank somebody the way you want to or are supposed to over the phone. It's something you have to do face-to-face, so I'm definitely looking forward to meeting him."