Bengals Sign Devon Still To Practice Squad, Help Pay For Cancer Treatment

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    CINCINNATI -- This summer has been a nightmare for Devon Still.

    That's precisely why he will take any and every good nugget of news that comes his way; news like his phone call Saturday with Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis.

    At the time, Lewis was calling to inform Still that the team had no choice but to cut him. In doing that, Lewis told Still he'd be re-signed to the practice squad as long as he cleared waivers and didn't sign with another team. That's exactly what happened.

    When Lewis made his practice-squad pitch to Still, he sold him on the following: That he'd still get to play with the team that drafted him. He'd continue to get a paycheck and insurance from that same team. And he wouldn't have to pick up and move even further across the country from his cancer-stricken 4-year-old girl.

    Those options, combined with last week's new practice-squad eligibility rules that made it possible for him to stick around made Still feel "lucky."

    "I wanted to make the roster but I have a lot of stuff going on right now that I can't give football 100 percent," Still said Monday, referencing the 53-man roster that was decided Saturday without him on it. "They could have just washed their hands completely of it. Said, 'We don't care what's going on in his personal life, we just want people who can care 100 percent on football.' That's, after all, what they pay us to do."

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    Now here is a story worthy of the press The Michael Sam story is getting...
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    pretty freaking awesome. great story.
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    Saw that the Bengals moved Still to the active roster. You gotta know they did it simply to get him more cash. Kudo's to the Bengals for looking out for one of their own. And kudo's to Sean Peyton for stepping up and buying 100 Devon Still jerseys at $100 a pop to raise money for pediatric cancer research. Too bad this feel good story is dwarfed by the Ray Rice debacle.
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    just when you think the league is full of nothing but money hungry owners and coaches who want nothing to do but win at all costs and something like this happens. :bravo: