Best Of The Best Undrafted Free Agent's

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  1. QB:

    Josh Portis (Cal PA)


    Portis is an athletic QB with a live arm. Dude can sling it and proved as much at the combine. He is very athletic (think Joe Webb). Some question his intelligence.


    Derrick Locke (Kentucky)


    Apparently NFL teams were worried in this draft of picking guys that had injury concerns so quality guys like Locke fell. It might surprise some of you that I have Locke on top of former West Va. RB Noel Devine. Locke has great speed but lacks power. He is a great runner and can carry the ball inside and out and produced in the SEC while having to take all the carries.


    Henry Hynoski (Pitt)


    Hynoski is a former NFL players son. He is a smart player and does everything a FB must. He can block, run, and catch the ball. However, he was injured and that's why he probably wasn't picked. Not to mention at times he plays too high.


    Terrence Toliver (LSU)


    Toliver is a stud. Again apparently he wasn't picked because of his injuries. Toliver has everything you want in a WR. Earlier in his career he did struggle with drops but I watched every LSU game last year and he dropped about 3 passes despite clearly being the team's number 1 WR. His production wasn't exceptional at LSU because of QB Jordan Jefferson.


    Andre Smith (VT)


    Smith is a blocking TE all the way. He isn't particularly athletic but could have fit in as a blocking TE on a team.


    David Mims (VA Union)


    This guy is your perfect developmental o.linemen. He has tons of potential but is raw right now because he played at a D2 school. He looks like the real deal and plays like the real deal just needs some polishing.


    Zach Hurd (UCONN)


    Hurd is another guy that just needs some polishing. He has everything else you look for including alot of tenacity.


    Kristofer O'Dowd (USC)


    O'dowd was probably not drafted because of injuries. He has been hurt alot. But when healthy is a smart player, is a quality guy off the field. But he lacks strength and anchoring ability.


    Pierre Allen (Nebraska)


    Allen stands out at nothing but is a solid player.


    Ian Williams (Notre Dame)


    Williams is a fantastic player. He too was hurt so he wasn't picked. He uses his hands very well and is strong vs. the run. He should make a nice NT. His weakness is his balance.


    Adrian Moten (Maryland)


    I don't know how he went undrafted. His instincts are fantastic. He is a lighter guy and must put on weight but he has nice athletic ability. Where he struggles is shedding blocks.


    Mark Herzlich (Boston College)


    This guy is a warrior. There is no other way to put it. He has fought cancer, he had to have a metal rod in his leg, he has seen his draft stock tumble. Yet still remains positive and plays to the best of his ability. His biggest issue is his speed. Whether it will come back is debatable but right now it simply isn't good enough to play in anything but a 3-4. He has everything you look for in a starting LB. He once was a lock to go in round 1.


    Kendric Burney (UNC)


    Burney is a great player. He had a tough year last year but other than his lack of height (5'9) he is a great player. His biggest plus is probably his ball skills. He's had 10 interceptions throughout his career.


    Deunta Williams (UNC)


    Another guy hurt by the NFL's boycotting injured players this year. Williams is a smart player who when given the chance can be a ball hawk. (8 int's in '09.) He ended his career with a broken leg and must prove he is healthy.


    Deandre Mcdaniel (Clemson)


    I honestly cannot fathom why he wasn't drafted. What were teams thinking? Unless they know something we don't I just don't get it. Mcdaniel is a PERFECT SS. He struggles a bit in coverage but I think it's exaggerated. This dude is a stud. He is a ball hawk (rare in a SS), he can tackle, he has decent speed, and he was a team captain.


    Josh Jasper (LSU)


    Dude is just consistent. Many of you are wondering why I don't have Lou Groza winner Kai Forbath here. He didn't play nearly as well as Jasper last year. Jasper is automatic from 45 in. He also has alot of power making kicks from 50 and out with ease. He doesn't do well on kickoffs though.


    Chas Henry (Florida)


    Without question the nation's top punter last year. Dude has some crazy leg strength. He also struggles with kickoffs though.
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  2. Litez0ut

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    I was thinking of doing something like this haha. Good stuff. I think Burney would be a beast in a cover 2 team.
  3. thanks Man. I've enjoyed your draft grades.

    Agreed that scheme would be perfect for him.
  4. Character issues where probably the reason DeAndre McDaniel went undrafted.....although Brandon Hogan was picked and he had some reg flags there as well.

    McDaniel reportedly choked his girlfriend, punching her in the head and chest and pushing her down a flight of stairs.
  5. There were players picked that were injured and are currently still recovering from them.

    I personally would've taken a chance on Deunta Williams over a Brandon Hogan personally. Has classic safety size and playmaking ability. And doesn't have a rap sheet.
  6. yet a guy that's been in jail for two years, a convicted murderer, was drafted. The incident you refer too was in '08. He has matured immeasurably since then.

    "Has since matured into an Honor Roll student and team captain. In 2009, he won a Vickery Hall award for academic improvement, earning a 3.25 GPA in the first semester and 3.0 in the second, and was named to the 2009-10 ACC Academic Honor Roll. Majoring in Sociology and will graduate in the winter of 2010 … Routinely spends extra hours on his own in the film-room during the season."

    DeAndre McDaniel, Clemson, NFL Draft - -
  7. Not nearly as many as most drafts.
  8. Like I said.....that's the only reason I can think of why McDaniel went undrafted.

    And yes....there were people with raps sheets a lot longer than his that were drafted. Some teams mentalities differ than others when it comes to character.

    But those players you mentioned I wouldn't want on my football team.
  9. seems ridiculous if that's it.
  10. Granted that was three years ago and was pretty productive at Clemson.

    Maybe it was character.....maybe it wasn't but thats just my opinion.

    There will always be surprise undrafted free agents.
  11. true but this year seems worse. A bunch of guys I listed had top grades from bunches of people.
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    I call dibs on Herzlich and Devine.
  13. This was under different circumstances this year because of the CBA......
  14. K Train

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    id like the steelers to look at herzlich and williams. mcdaniel is your typical box SS, i didnt think hed go undrafted at all.

    i know tolliver is your boy but starting it off with "Tolliver is a stud." might be a bit of a reach
  15. exactly. That was a huge difference and it really affected the later rounds of the draft starting from round 3.
  16. not if you saw him play when Jefferson played even half way decent. (Florida/ Texas A&M)
  17. K Train

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    ok...2 games after 4 years, after being a 5* recruit. hardly studly. he went undrafted for a reason and it wasnt jefferson
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    Markus White was drafted by the Redskins FWIW.

    And not to keep harping on about him, but O'Dowd is no were near the best available center.

    I'd take Kirkpatrick and Linnenkohl before I even look at O'Dowd...
  19. I personally thought Tim Barnes was the best available center that wasn't selected......nearly 40 games of starting experience and was battled tested against NFL-caliber talent.
  20. Mr.Alligam

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    The only questions I have about Barnes are can he adapt to a regular offense and can he be a force in the run game?

    I see the same thing I do with O'Dowd though, good upper body strength that is center quality, but average strength where it counts, in his legs. His offense covers it up more, but I can't see him winning many battles at the POA.

    I'm not gonna tout his intelligence, any center worth a damn is smart, but I do like his agility, he's probably the 2nd best puller at an interior position behind Pouncey.