Biggest draft bust in NFL history?

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    You said he would suck in the pros based on that though. Im saying he may have been bad because of other things happening in his life that caused him to not focus on football.

    Pretty sure someone in his life(maybe his uncle?) who he looked up to and kept in motivated and on the straight and narrow died and he didnt take it very well. Made him take things less serious than he should have and maybe have had he been there for him
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    Heard some things down here in La about him. He knew he was big and had a strong arm. He got by in college by that alone. He didn't want to consistently put in the work to get better. Granted, something may have happened to him in his personal life. I don't really follow him at all. After reading that article, and I have tried to do a search on it countless times, I had nothing for him.
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    "Interviews with Russell and his mother, Zina, reveal a young man who lost his only father figure—his uncle, Ray—shortly after entering the NFL. Russell’s emotions cannot hide when begins to talk about Uncle Ray—the biggest stabilizing force in the young man’s life—and how badly he needed him in those pressure-filled days leading up to his second NFL season. "
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    Blair Thomas #2 overall NY Jets 1990
    - i played against him in high school. my ribs still hurt from him train rolling me. picture bo jackson running over brian bozworth but worse.
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    the best part is it was a practice/pre-season game. i didnt even make my school's varsity squad. my brush with

    sidenote - i also played little league with the Jets qb back then brownie nagle. that was a less painful situation.
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    49ers is pretty easily JIM DRUNKENMILLER.

    1st round draft pick, Mooch's guy (picked over Jake Plummer, who Walsh wanted, lol dumbass Mooch), viewed as the successor to Steve Young, and the QBOTF...played in like three games and got traded for peanuts less than two years later. Oh and was generally drunk and somewhat rapey.

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    Ryan Leaf and Tim Couch no Dought. U could also throw in the worst worst of all Brian Brohm. Yuck he suck. I can't believe he could have actually been starting in Green Bay in 2008 and the legend Aaron Rodgers would still be the backup baby.