Bill Parcells Regrets Drafting Pat White, Jake Long Over Matt Ryan

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    Bill Parcells told The Miami Herald he has no regrets about stepping away from the Miami Dolphins last October, and is happy about with his current role outside of the NFL, partly as a 2011 draft analyst for ESPN. He did, however, share regrets about some of the draft picks he helped the team make in his three years (2008-2010) in the front office. With one of his 2008 picks, Chad Henne, not working out at quarterback for Jeff Ireland, Tony Sparano and the current regime, Parcells mostly wishes he could take back his draft decisions regarding that position. Although 2008 first overall pick Jake Long has worked out well at left tackle, Parcells told the newspaper "maybe we should have" selected now Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan instead. As for the curious second-round pick of Wildcat-tailored signal-caller Pat White a year later in 2009, Parcells said "we violated our principles" in regards to draft philosophy.

    Source: Sporting News
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    Hindsight is 20/20
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    slow news....thats not exactly what he said, he said maybe ryan would have been the right choice.

    at the time glenn dorsey was supposed to be the right pick over ryan, ryan wasnt THAT great of a prospect. a top 3 LT vs a top 12 QB is a legit debate though
  4. I would've had a hard time myself picking a QB at No. 1 who threw 19 interceptions in his final year in college.
  5. agreed but you gotta consider who he was throwing too. This is essentially the same convo with Jake Locker. Only difference is Locker has accuracy issues and Ryan didn't.
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    Obviously he regrets Pat White, because White was a total bust.

    And yeah, Ryan is more valuable than Long, because a franchise QB is more valuable than a franchise LT.
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    Pat White was a bad pick but Long over Ryan, Ryan over Long, it's debatable.
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    Well the case and point is the Detriot Lions. With no LT and offensive line, the franchise QB is always getting hurt and useless. Texans with Carr is another example.
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    but it's easier to find competent linemen than competent qbs

    given the choice, you always take the franchise qb
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    sorry but ryan was not a consensus "franchise" qb...he was the top guy that year but he had many question marks. they took a safe pick and hes a legit top 2-3 LT
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    Every single QB taken in the Top 10 is drafted with the idea in mind that they're a "franchise QB". If they turn out then that team is genius and the teams who passed are idiots. But when they don't pan out...........! Given the needs of the Dolphins on that draft day Long was the better choice and he came with less risk of failure for the amount of $$ being spent. Parcels has nothing to regret, with the exception of Pat White. He should die for that pick.(just kidding)
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    im just saying there were things to not like about ryan and if the dolphins didnt like him as their guy then they made the right choice. the falcons obviously thought he could be that franchise guy but many people expected them to take glenn dorsey also, at the time considered the best or second best player in the draft
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    yeah dorsey was considered the best player in the draft

    there were reasons to take long rather than ryan, but since he's using hindsight anyway, of course he would've rather have taken ryan

    there are always reasons at the time, but this interview is evidently using "with what we know now, what would you have done?"