Bill Polian Also Frustrated With Coaching Situation

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    Bill Polian heard Peyton Manning's complaints about the confusion regarding the coaching staff, and the Colts president basically echoed them in an appearance on the Kravitz and Eddie show in Indianapolis Tuesday. In Polian's latest update on the fate of retired assistant coaches Tom Moore and Howard Mudd, he said while the team would move forward as if they were gone for good, several issues connected to their departure and the potential for them to return as consultants remain muddy. "I understand that he's somewhat confused because so are we all," Polian said of Manning. "This is a very complex issue that has nothing to do with the Colts and has nothing to do with football and has everything to do with the individual retirement issues that these two men faced...It's an extremely complex issue that is very difficult to understand and explain. We've been wrestling with it since January... It's understandable that Peyton is confused. But so am I, so is Jim Irsay and so is everyone else around here." At recent owners meetings, Irsay said he intends for both coaches to return as consultants but the specifics of that are still unclear, Polian said. "If it can be done, how it can be done, when it can be done, remains very much an open question," Polian said before comparing the quest for definitive answers to trying to put jello in a jar -- presumably without the help of a spoon. "...I'll echo what Peyton said, I don't know what a consultant is. We would love to have them back working for us at some time, in some capacity. Whether or not that can be done or how it can be done and under what circumstances I don't have any answer for at this moment."