Bill Polian Blames Offensive Line, Special Teams In Colts Losing Super Bowl

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  1. Colts president Bill Polian told the team’s official Web site Wednesday that the offensive line and special teams should shoulder much of the blame for the Super Bowl XLIV loss to the Saints. “Our offensive line, by our standards, did not have a good game,†Polian said of Sunday’s performance. “They were outplayed by the Saints’ defensive line. Our special teams, in terms of handing the ball, both in the return game and on the onside kick, were outplayed by the Saints. Therein lies the result. It had nothing to do with strategy or preparedness or toughness or effort.†This, of course, isn’t the first time the Colts’ offensive line has been criticized after a playoff loss. QB Peyton Manning said there were “problems in protection†following a loss to the Steelers in the 2005 AFC divisional round.

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    Right, cuz the O-linemen caused the interception and should have tackled the 180 pound defensive back flying down the sideline. And that Reggie Bush punt return TD was inexcusable and the reason they lost....Oh, right.
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    Throw the rest of the team under the bus to protect Peyton, nice.
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    Colts 101