Bills Can't Give LB Paul Posluszny A New Contract?

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    Negotiating with LB Paul Posluszny during this season hasn’t been a realistic option for the Bills. Since the NFL is operating in an uncapped year, league rules stipulate that a contract cannot have an annual salary increase of more than 30 percent, excluding amounts treated as a signing bonus. Posluszny is making $665,000 this year so if the Bills gave him a new contract under the current rules, his base salary three years out could be only $1.4 million. The Bills, essentially, would have to give Posluszny all his money via a signing bonus, making his entire contract virtually guaranteed but that’s not realistic in the NFL. Whenever a new CBA is signed, the Bills won’t be restricted by the 30 percent rule. Posluszny says he wants to continue his career in Buffalo. “I would like to stay,â€￾ he says with conviction.

    Source: Buffalo News