Bills GM Buddy Nix Doesn't Want To Leave Without A Franchise QB In Place

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    Last year the Buffalo Bills signed quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick a seven-year, $62 million contract. In a WGR 550 radio station interview Bills general manager Buddy Nix sounded like a man who was still looking for a quarterback.

    Nix was then asked by WGR's Jeremy White if he considered getting a new quarterback as starting over and the G-M answered "No, its not".

    "Listen, we have said from day one, that we want to draft a good young quarterback" Nix said. "I don't want to leave here without a franchise guy for the future in place. I have not said that before but I'm saying it now because its fact."

    The only time the Bills have used a draft pick on a quarterback during Nix's tenure as G-M was in 2010 when they took a flier on Levi Brown in the 7th round. "We had so many needs that we would have had to give up what Washington gave up to get there and the same with Carolina, that got there by losing" Nix told WGR. "So its a deal here where that has to fall into place for us and hopefully it will."

    Source: The Redzone