Bills RB C.J. Spiller Apologizes For Using Derogatory Term Towards Gays

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  1. Buffalo Bills rookie running back C.J. Spiller has apologized for using a derogatory term toward gays that he posted on his Twitter account. The apology was posted Wednesday afternoon, shortly after Spiller used the term while exchanging tweets with close friend and former Clemson teammate, Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Ricky Sapp. The original tweet has been deleted. In apologizing, Spiller wrote he was "truly sorry," and that it was out of character, before closing with "God Bless." Bills spokesman Scott Berchtold says the team "will reserve comment" until it speaks with Spiller on Thursday.

    Source: Associated Press
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    who cares....say whatever the heck you want...especially on twitter, twitter is ghey
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    Agreed, heck twitter, but also heck Spiller. It's not "out of character" if you use something like that in a conversation you know full well thousands will see. I suggest that it's more likely an underside of CJ Spiller. Not that it'd make him special, probably half the world is the same way in reality. I know I'm jumping on him for something that that shouldn't be that big of a deal, but it bug me that everyone will be so quick to be ok with it as long as he says "sorry, god bless." Maybe it's not out of character, CJ. Maybe it is your character, the one that's real, the one you accidentally let slip on twitter. Maybe I'm full of crap, but it's early and this got to me just a little.
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    i call my friends fags all the time...he has nothing to apologize for, gay people that get mad about this are pussies
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    It's not politically correct to treat fags any different than anyone else.
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    YouTube - Harley Riders

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    I'm curious how to embed those kind of videos so they show up in the post if anyone could PM me that info..
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    i should bump the "twitter is gay" thread in the off-topic forum.