Bills WR Terrell Owens Is Fine With Troy Aikman's Comments

Discussion in 'Buffalo Bills' started by MediaGuy, Apr 9, 2009.

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    Former Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens talked to reporters in Buffalo Thursday after surprisingly showing up for off-season workouts with the Bills. He also surprisingly took the high road when asked about Troy Aikman's recent endorsement of the Cowboys decision to release him last month. "That's fine. Troy's Troy," Owens said. "I think he has three Super Bowl rings so he has the authority to say that. So other than that, I'm fine. I've been called selfish pretty much throughout my career. I think I'm in good company. Jerry Rice has been called selfish before, as well as a number of other guys. You know, I'm still probably going to be called selfish. So other than that, it doesn't bother me what he says. I come from a background where I wasn't even thinking about getting drafted. I went to a small school. So the things I've accomplished so far really eclipses anything negative that anybody says about me. So he said it, and I move on."

    Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram
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    Did he just compare himself with Jerry Rice? :icon_confused:
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    All WR's are selfish. There would be a problem if they didn;t want to be the only one getting the ball thrown their way. T.O. is the man! He's gonna tear it up in Buffalo!
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    Theres nothing wrong with that. Jerry has played 7 years longer to what T.O has right now, and Terrell has 600 less catches, 9,000 more yards, and 58 more td's. Just Terrell can't play 7 more years I don't think, at least not on the level he's always played at, but he has had a great career. It's not a Jerry Rice career, but he's put up great numbers, just media makes him look like a satan worshiper at times, when really it's all just fun and games to him unless it's on the football field. Then it's business.
  5. yeah he did.....the nerve
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    he might not be comparing himself to jerry rice as a player(he might be), because he did play with jerry rice so he might not be comparing himself to being as good as jerry rice