Black Monday: Five NFL coaches fired so far

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    Jim Schwartz, Detroit Lions - FIRED
    Greg Schiano, Tampa Bay Bucs - FIRED
    Mike Shanahan, Washington Redskins - FIRED
    Rob Chudzinski, Cleveland Browns - FIRED
    Leslie Frazier, Minnesota Vikings - FIRED

    That's 5 fired today, most likely adding some coordinators names to that list. With Kubiak in Houston being fired that leaves 6 openings for Head Coaches.

    If you want to read more specifics, here you go!

    Source:LA Time
  2. Kurt

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    As much as these guys get paid, it is what it is man.

    I don't see Mike Shanahan landing anywhere...
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    Black Monday in the NFL has proved fairly dark with five head coaches fired in the past 24 hours with more possibly to follow. A synopsis of the moves as the coaching carousel cranks up with the regular season now over.

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    I would imagine there will be a few more. Shocked Garrett isn't on this list.
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    Kyle Shanahan is on the list too...
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    Why is this in the Cardinals section?