Blake Bortles has 4 TDs as No. 15 UCF upsets No. 6 Baylor in Fiesta

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    Blake Bortles rolled right, crashed into two defenders and floated a pass to an open receiver just before going down. The two players who had a bead on Central Florida's quarterback stayed on the ground, each pounding his hands into the turf as the receiver ran up the sideline.

    Out of reach all game, the Knights pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the bowl season by outlasting the nation's top offensive team in a rousing BCS debut.

    Bortles stymied Baylor with his arm and legs while accounting for four touchdowns, Storm Johnson ran for three more scores, and No. 15 Central Florida turned the highest-scoring Tostitos Fiesta Bowl into a big-play party by outlasting the sixth-ranked Bears 52-42 on Wednesday night.

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    Assignment for today: Google Image search on Bortles's GF. Her name is Lindsay (sp) Duke.

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    Cookie cutter blonde bimbo with big tits.
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    Love how this is considered an "upset"
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    I give you Lindsey Duke. [​IMG]
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    I only operate on a binary system, and indeed, she's a 1 (yes I would). That's all that matters.
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    Go to Google Images for more pics of her.