Boston Bruins Protect Team Logo From Justin Bieber

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    Justin Bieber committed a hockey no-no when he stood on the Chicago Blackhawks' logo in their dressing room at the United Center, where Bieber performed July 9.

    The 19-year-old Bieber, from Canada and a known hockey fan, should have known that NHL teams have an unwritten rule that no one is permitted to step on their logo in the dressing room.

    So with Bieber scheduled to perform Saturday night at TD Garden in Boston, the Bruins took measures to make sure Bieber didn't stand on their logo.

    They roped it off.

    Players have been known to scold people for accidentally or purposely stepping or standing on the team logo. What upset some Blackhawks fans on Twitter was a picture of Bieber standing on the team's Indian head logo while he was taking his own picture of the Stanley Cup.

    The Bruins made sure Bieber didn't upset another throng of hockey fans.

    Source: ESPN Boston
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    If they really want to protect the logo just put some hot chicks around it, that'll keep him away..
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    That's awesome.
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    Or maybe just stop inviting this little hecker out in public. Unless its to his own public hanging.
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    Smart move on the Bruins part.