Brett Favre Look-Alike Seen At Packers Training Camp, Bars Signing Autographs

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  1. A man who resembles Brett Favre has been impersonating the former Packers quarterback around Green Bay — he's even been wearing a No. 4 jersey. David Thomason, Favre's travel coordinator, said Friday that Favre has heard rumors of a Green Bay visit, but has not been in the area since he played against the Packers last season at Lambeau Field as a member of the Vikings. Favre could not be reached for comment. Thompson said the man impersonating Favre reportedly attended the Packers practice Thursday and posed for pictures with several fans, and also showed up at two area sports bars. "This has taken on a life of its own, like Elvis," Thomason told the Green Bay Press-Gazette. "But Brett has not been in Green Bay." Jerry Watson, owner of Stadium View Bar & Grille in Ashwaubenon, said a man came to the bar in a dark colored baseball hat at about 8 p.m. Thursday and stayed for nearly 15 minutes signing Favre's autograph for fans. "The guy is a phony!" Watson said. "But he keeps his head down so you can't get that good of a look at him."

    Source: Green Bay Press-Gazette
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  3. Too F'n funny...
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    Best thing EVER!!!
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    It'd be better if he traveled to different cities to REALLY get talks moving!
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    Or tell a reporter he is coming back for the 2011 season!
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    Maybe he's the one who sent ole dumb snitch the p**is pictures!
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    Nah, it was really Favre, he just pretended to be an imposter because he wanted to check the hostility level in Green Bay.