Brett Favre Wants Packers HOF Induction Moved

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    Earlier this week Brett Favre re-announced that he would return to Green Bay for his induction into the Packers' Hall of Fame.

    It wasn't new news, but nevertheless sent the sports world atwitter (because, well, BRETT FAVRE!).

    Now the former No. 4 is making some suggestions about the ceremony. During a Tuesday interview with FOX News' Greta Van Susteren, Favre suggested the team move the July 18 ceremony from the 1,600-person Lambeau Field atrium to the 80,000-person stadium bowl.

    "I know it's been stressful for the Packers especially, but we've gotten a lot of emails as well -- it being sold out," Favre told Van Susteren, per ESPN Wisconsin. "In my opinion, I'd like to see us do it in the stadium. I think everyone should have a chance to go."

    As is usual for Packers induction events, seats went to sponsors, Hall of Famers and other dignitaries. In this case, with the event reaching its limit, tickets were never made available the general public.

    Favre added he was grateful for the Packers organization having him back and believes moving the event would be what's best for fans.

    "Maybe they will (be able to change it), I can't answer that," Favre said. "But I think the fans are the fans. I think they should have the option to come if they so choose I couldn't tell you if it would be 10,000 or 60,000 but I think they should have that opportunity."

    It's unknown whether the team will contemplate a move to pacify public demand. What this does show is those previous worries Favre might be booed upon a return to Green Bay were unfounded.

    UPDATE: On Wednesday, Packers Hall of Fame president Perry Kidder told the the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that there's been an "ongoing conversation about this subject for a few days/weeks." Kidder added that the Hall of Fame will release a "joint statement" once they have "definitive information."
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    Why wouldn't it be during the season at Lambeau's just dumb that it isn'
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    Yeah have a pre-game ceremony or at halftime.
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    Probably because it gives Green Bay, Wisconsin something to look forward to during the summer.
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    There's plenty of cheese to harvest in the summer. Don't need to distract that with a Half-assed Favre retirement ceremony.