Brodie Croyle's Opening Preseason Stats

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    Brodie Croyle completed 6-of-11 passes for 82 yards and threw an interception, and a touchdown, in Thursday night's exhibition. On his touchdown throw, Croyles pass was low to Chris Hannon but the wideout did the rest of the work after the catch and scored from 21 yards out. Croyle then threw a bad INT into the end zone after a Cleo Lemon fumble. The mistake may have cost Croyle a chance at the Week 1 starting job.



    Croyle looked really impressive on his 1st drive, looked very confident and made some plays, had a nice touchdown pbutt. Then he was in another drive, got a little overconfident and threw one up for grabs that was intercepted. After that, he struggled with passing. He looked good on his first drive, made a rookie mistake, then kinda went downhill from there. Huard struggled while he was playing and the backup, Casey Printers led the team in passing with 122 yards.
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    Huard got 5 passing attempts to Croyle's 11. Ron Jaworkski asked the team president during the game in an interview why they aren't giving Huard a fair shot to show what he can do.
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    This is why preseason is just worthless.
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    Doesn't matter in the end. Huard's not playing tonight, and with a good showing Croyle pretty much locks up the starting job. Huard's getting the shaft.
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    Croyle's showing was terrible. He went 5-17 with an INT. I don't understand why they're pushing so hard for Croyle when he hasn't shown to be ready yet. Let him go into this season as the back up. If Huard falters significantly, then play Croyle. Huard went 5-3 last season with very solid play. Its not like he was a Mark Brunell or Drew Bledsoe out there.
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    edwards has a serious hard on for Croyle....and he imploded last night...5-17? ouch..vince young has company..
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    Croyle's been kind of a mess this preseason, to put it nicely. Although for the Chiefs, this could be a good thing in the sense of it makes that fourth preseason game actually mean something. Give Huard a half, give Croyle a half, and whoever doesn't make the Chiefs FO want to gouge their eyes out starts in Houston.
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    Brodie's probably playing lousy so he doesn't have to sit behind that crapty line all season.
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    Hell...they should forget the whole Croyle and Huard mess...just make Terrell the starting QB!