Broncos QB Tim Tebow Slipping To 3rd String Behind Brady Quinn

Discussion in 'Denver Broncos' started by SRW, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. True but I think his physical strength would work for him better as TE versus him playing FB...but then again he isn't that bad running when the ball is in his hands I think we all agree though that he has no business taking snaps behind center...
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    Ok, now you're just trolling.
  3. andy82

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    The common theme here is that these are all equally ridiculous statements.
  4. Steve12

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    Pro bowler? Lmfao. He can't even win a starting job.
  5. 86WARD

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    Pro Bowler?
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    The Atlantic Ocean is baller
  7. Pro Bowler???? Now that's some funny crap right there!
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    I'm glad at least one of you heckin' guys gets the sarcasm. Crap.

    For the record, you are right. I am as much of a non-hater as most other are a hater. I think if Tebow went to a dog crap team that had no QB (ala Carolina this year) and was handed the reins, he'd make crap happen, but he'll never have the mechanics or look the part in practice like others will. I figured this was already common knowledge at this point.
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    Oh, you mean, you don't actually think Tebow will rewrite the record books?!?!?!?
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    Just thought I'd point out that this was after you got torn a new one on this thread :eek:a02:
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    You are clearly taking this thread and opinions of Tebow in general WAAAY more seriously than I am as noted by your copy and paste 20 times trying to prove your point on the previous page. So if you'd like to think you got yourself an 'internet victory' here, I concede.

  13. Steve12

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    Now if Tebow would just concede he's not a QB everyone could be happy.
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    Here we are again. Rock on, Tebow lovers! :buttrock:
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    If the Broncos aren't going to use him and sit him as a third, they mine as well try to trade him to the Dolphins...Miami could at least use him to sell some tickets down there just by having him on the
  16. Tebow needs a shot elsewhere. They've obviously given up on him in Denver.
  17. phiglesphan

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    Who says Miami wants his butt either?
  18. 86WARD

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    Two words. Chad Henne. They'll take almost anything down
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    Bite your tongue Ward, bite it hard.
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    I was waiting for you to pop