Broncos RB Knowshon Moreno Shoves WR Brandon Marshall On Sideline

Discussion in 'Denver Broncos' started by pctrips, Nov 22, 2009.

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    On a first-and-goal play at the 4 yard line, rookie running back Knowshon Moreno fumbled away the ball - and the game - at the goal line when left guard Russ Hochstein, slipped while leading the way, his left knee apparently jarring the ball loose. While the Chargers celebrated safety Steve Gregory's recovery in the end zone, the Broncos let their frustrations get the better of them. Wide receiver Brandon Marshall got in Moreno's face and was jawing at the inconsistent rookie, and Moreno responded with a two-handed shove and Marshall was pulled away.

    Source: Enquirer-Herald
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    The implosion is in full swing...
  3. pctrips

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    Exactly what I was thinking...what's the over under on how many days before Brandon Marshall smacks a snitch?
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    snitches smakin snitches..... know that knowshawn
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    1) I love that McDaniels is losing. The media was slobbing his knob when they won lucky game after lucky game. It's the Mangini effect all over again, except on a much shorter timeframe.

    2) That crap was a touchdown. The ball was across the plain.

    3) Screw you, Marshall. I know you'll never resemble any type of leader but at least mature the heck up and leave your teammate be.
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    90 Days - over/under - what you got?
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    3 months?

    You give him too much credit.
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    I'm going with 2 weeks. They'll lose to the Giants next week and then come to Arrowhead on 12/6. They'll receiver their 6th loss in a row to KC and go from 6-0 to 6-6. Brandon Marshall will then smack a snitch.
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    i feel bad for correll and b-dawk, they deserve better than that crap-hole team.
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    We are in agreement.
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    Can I put 10k vCash on the under? :icon_cheesygrin:
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    I am amazd that Brandon Marshall continues to display his bad attitude. I have read about how this mans history and it is unbelievable what this man gets away with and never ever seem to have to pay the price. This man needs to realize that to play in the NFL is a privilege not a right. The name of the team is the Denver Broncos, not the Denver Brandon Marshall's. What a waste.
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    I like this chicky!!!

    Rep girl!

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    And welcome to GIF!!!