Broncos WR Eddie Royal Sees Production Drop

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    With all the attention paid to Brandon Marshall's stat reduction, Eddie Royal has quietly been quiet. Marshall has followed back-to-back, 100-catch, 1,200-yard-plus seasons with only seven catches for 61 yards and no touchdowns through two games this year, and Royal had 91 catches for 980 yards last year but has only five receptions for 38 yards this year. "We haven't thrown him the ball a lot," Broncos coach Josh McDaniels said today. "Because there's other guys open or somebody is trying to take Eddie away," McDaniels said. "Eddie's patient. Eddie knows what we do with our offense. Some weeks there will be 12 balls thrown at him. Some weeks there might be three. We're not going to try and jam it into one guy when we have 10 players that are worth throwing the ball too."

    Source: Denver Post