Brooking tackles Sanders to give Saints easy TD.

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    Look at all these "objective" descriptions of this play:

    "His feet churning and body squirming as three Atlanta tacklers met him on the 2-yard line, Bush spun free and dived across the goal line on a crucial third-and-goal screen pbutt."

    "After falling behind 16-14 early in the fourth quarter, Brees and the Saints (2-4) offense calmly went 69 yards on 11 plays to take the lead. Brees capped the impressive drive by finding Reggie Bush on a quick hitch for a four-yard score with 5:04 left."

    And only one accurate description:
    "The Saints (2-4) pieced together an 11-play, 69-yard drive that ended with running back Reggie Bush running through cornerback Lewis Sanders, who was knocked off the tackle by pursuing linebacker Keith Brooking, for the game-winning touchdown."

    Keith Brooking must have Reggie Bush on his fantasy football team.
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