Brown Out! Sixers sack coach after seven seasons on sidelines

Discussion in 'Basketball Talk' started by SportsChump, Aug 26, 2020.

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    I'm a Sixers fan and definitely feel Brown should have been let go long ago because his in-game adjustments were awful. He also allowed his players to walk all over him.

    The bigger problem is that neither Embiid or Simmons have heart. They just aren't winners who go all out. Embiid will get lazy and take 3 pointers instead of using his physicality. Ben refuses to work on a jump shot that would make him an elite player.

    Elton Brand is also a bad GM. Jimmy Butler should have stayed instead of the streaky Tobias Harris. I wanted the process to work because I missed the Sixers being a relevant team, but I honestly find most of the players and the organization leaders to be unlikable.

    I also want to puke every time I watch a talented gamer like Jason Tatum play for the Celtics knowing that we traded up for Fultz instead. Salt in the wound.
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    I fell victim to believing this year’s (or at least last year’s) Sixers team was going to make some noise.

    Again, that Kawhi shot was devastating.

    Clearly, it was the kind of shot that dismantles franchises.

    At this point, as talented as they are, like you, I’m not sure I see this whole Simmons-Embiid thing working out.... so why not get something for them now while their value is still high?

    If that’s the case, we’ll see who’s the first one to leave: Simmons, Embiid, Brand or their new head coach.

    And to think you had all those damn top picks too over the years.

    That’s gotta be frustrating, especially after Butler dropped 40 tonight against Milwaukee.