Browns Eyeing Alabama WR Julio Jones Over Georgia WR A.J. Green?

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  1. According to Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer's, he thinks it's possible the Browns could draft Alabama' Julio Jones over Georgia's A.J. Green if they decide to take a wideout at No. 6. Momentum is building toward the Browns selecting a defensive lineman with their first pick, but A.J. Green has been mocked to them by several prognosticators this spring. GM Tom Heckert has spoken often about Jones, however, leaving open the possibility that the Browns could go against conventional wisdom on April 28.

    Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer
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    The tide has been shifting towards Jones in recent weeks.

    He's bigger, stronger, faster. Almost like an Andre Johnson. That's probably his best comparison.

    He can offer great run after the catch ability plus he's a tenacious blocker which could draw interest to teams that employ a power running game.
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    I would compare him more to TO than AJ. He has concentration issues and drops the easy pbutt.
  4. Johnson had the same issues when he entered the draft in '03.

    Owens is another good comparison however. Like Owens, Jones is cut out of granite and is very passionate about football.

    He's a student of the game with great character. The latter though is something Owens has never been confused with.

    Jones, Johnson and Owens are both 6-3, 220+, fast, strong and explosive.
  5. No knock on A.J. Green....he's a great player in his own right.....but he's tin man compared to Jones:

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    Jerry Rice was a "tin man" compared to David

    Just saying...
  7. Jerry Rice should never be compared to anybody......he's a different cat. I get what your trying to say though. lol

    Boston apparently aspired to be a "body builder" type receiver which caused him to have numerous injuries. But not even Rice was lanky as Green.

    What I'm trying to say is that while Green will be a good player at the NFL level......Jones I believe has the overall skill set to become a Top 5 WR in the mold of an Andre Johnson or a younger T.O.

    He would fit what the Browns need.....McCoy needs a true No. 1 WR and he's a great blocker which would help Peyton Hillis.
  8. It is interesting considering Green has been mocked to the Browns for sometime.....but Jones has evened the playing field in the past two months.

    I still expect Jones to come off the board at #4 to the Bengals. Mike Brown could get his QB in the second.