Browns Fine QB Johnny Manziel For Being Late For Treatment

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    Josh Gordon isn’t the only high-profile player in trouble with the Browns.

    Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has been fined by the team for being late for treatment on his injured hamstring, Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

    That news was broken just hours after the Browns announced that Gordon is suspended for the regular-season finale for missing today’s walk-through practice. Manziel is on injured reserve and was not expected at the walk-through, but the report that he didn’t show up on time for treatment is concerning.

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    and now johnny's attitude is going in the toilet ............. this thing didn't even make it one year before being a disaster.
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    I'm hearing that Johnny has checked into rehab for an undisclosed substance. I have never liked Johnny since the first time I heard him speak back at a&m. Hopefully, though, he can kick whatever he is dealing with and in the process becomes a better human being also.
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    At least he is manning up and taking responsibility. He'll never do good in the nfl if he keeps on keeping on.
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    I Am proud of the kid for stepping up and trying to be responsibile. i hope he can turn his life around and be a very productive man in society. I'll be in his corner.