Browns KR/WR Joshua Cribbs Demands A Trade

Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by ravenfan52, Jan 6, 2010.

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    J.R. Rickert, the agent for Pro Bowl return specialist/receiver Joshua Cribbs, said that the Cleveland Browns' final offer in the ongoing contract negotiations between Cribbs and the team have left him no choice but to demand a trade. Cribbs, who set an NFL record for career return touchdowns this season and was promised a new deal above his veteran minimum contract by previous team management, was offered a new deal with an average salary of $1.4 million per season on a six-year deal, according to Rickert, with roughly $400,000 to sign. Cribbs, who is signed through 2012, has been working with the team in an effort to get a new contract since before the season began. "We're going to formally put in a request for a trade," Rickert said. "He will not set foot in that facility again. If they had offered even something like $2.5 million per season we could have worked with them, but to me this offer is indefensible."

  2. bigsexyy81

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    Blah blah. Every player talks so freaking tough, but once week 1 rolls around and they didn't get what they wanted they are there.

    I do however see the Browns giving him another offer or looking into trade options.
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    It was his agent wasn't it?
  4. andy82

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    Another Josh Cribbs holdout? Looks like it going to be a new tradition in the NFL!
  5. Ridin Burgundy

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    There will be plenty of teams willing to pay him far more than that.

    That offer is a piss take.
  6. Jihad Joe

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    The browns are rebuilding

    Why would they throw a big contract at a Kick Returner
  7. Ridin Burgundy

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    Because hes one of the only decent players they have.
  8. Jihad Joe

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    And he also wants a crapload of money and offers little outside of ST's
  9. AtlantaBlazer

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    He was the entire Browns' offense in some games, including the second Pittsburgh matchup.
  10. Jihad Joe

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    While this is true, I dont think Holmgren is planning on building around a KR

    What happens is he gets Hester money and then bombs like Hester did. At least Hester had upside as a WR. Cribbs isnt gonna offer much on offense
  11. Ridin Burgundy

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    He gives the offense great field position every time which gives the offense a huge boost.

    Paying him a decent amound is hardly gonna kill them and he is a big difference maker on that team.
  12. mj1987us26

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    Ted Ginn and a 3rd for him. Maybe Joey Porter too.
  13. markaz

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    So Cribbs comes into the NFL as an undrafted free agent in 2005 and signs for what, chump change? Has a good year so he AND his agent want a new deal. Brownies reward him with a 6 year extension which he happily signed after both he AND his agent were satisfied with the deal. So he's now under contract until 2012, but he's had further success and wants to rip up that deal and get a new one. He's in no position to be demanding a trade, a performance bonus or anything else. All he can do at this point is snitch, hold out and get nothing or take what the Brownies are offering (which they don't have to) and play ball.

    This has become such a recurring theme with players who have a good season but are a few years away from FA. Cribbs and all the other douchebags and their agents ought to honor their contracts for a change instead of going to the media as persecuted slaves claiming they've "outplayed" their contract. As for Cribbs and his trade demand, heck him.
  14. bigsexyy81

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    Neve said it wasn't. But you think if he has no other option, he is going to sit and turn down $1,400,000?

    I don't.

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    True. And he needs to blame his agent for not writing incentive bonuses into his contract.
  15. The Mullet

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    I'm going to put up my Cribb's hold-out tree right after I hang my Favre retirement lights :icon_cheesygrin:
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    It's him now.