Browns Making Early Mistake With QB Johnny Manziel?

Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by 86WARD, May 15, 2014.

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    Strike one? The Browns think they can control Johnny Football mania, which pretty much explains why this franchise is the NFL's longest-running joke. When The Post tried this week to get a credential to cover Johnny Manziel's first rookie minicamp this weekend in Cleveland, the Browns replied that the national media was being barred because the team wants to keep a "tight grip" on its new quarterback and keep the attention from turning into a frenzy. A team spokesman said the Browns -- most likely, new coach Mike Pettine, a former Jets assistant -- had watched how the Tim Tebow situation was handled by the Jets and wanted to avoid a repeat. Good luck with that. The Browns will be able to tame Manziel Mania about as well as Prohibition kept people from drinking alcohol.

    Source: New York Post
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    Can't blame them for trying. Imagine if the Rams attempted the same thing with Michael Sam...oh, the outrage!!