Browns OG Eric Steinbach Demoted To Second String?

Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by SRW, May 25, 2009.

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    When the Browns No. 1 offensive unit lined up in the first day of minicamp, Rex Hadnot was at left guard and not Eric Steinbach. It's no secret that Mangini wants to beef up the line and the wiry Steinbach doesn't fit that mold. The coaches are just experimenting at this point.

    Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer
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    steinbach is a legit top 10 guard
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    Yeah, he'll be the starter. They were switching players around all of minicamp. They are calling it a "rep" chart instead of a depth chart, tracking every rep that every player does at each position. Players that are normally always on the left are getting looks on the right, etc. I wouldn't read too much into it. Hank Fraley was still the center and I don't think they drafted Alex Hall to sit. Mangini's just trying to find out what he has.
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    alex mack

    its bullcrap that the browns have so much freaking depth on their line. mack, fraley, hadnot all can play center, its bullcrap lol
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    Whoops my bad. Was just reading about Alex Hall. Apparently the starting LOLB is his to lose. Gotta read my posts before I hit send I guess. I've been on the Browns to fix the O-Line since before they took Jeff Faine. I'm loving the depth. Been a while since I could use that word at any position talking about the Browns. I seem to remember a few years back that the Browns only started the same OL twice in 16 games due to injuries.