Browns QB Colt McCoy Doesn't Believe He Was Given A Fair Shot

Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by SRW, Aug 6, 2012.

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    Browns quarterback Colt McCoy handled the news that Brandon Weeden will be the starting quarterback professionally, but said it was not a competion in camp. Browns coach Pat Shurmur officially announced Weeden as the starter following Monday's practice. He said he spoke to the quarterbacks about his decision earlier in the day. "I have not taken any snaps with the first group," McCoy said. "I thought coming in it would be a competition." McCoy said he has "worked hard, excited about the season. We'll see what happens." He would not say if he wants to be, or has asked to be traded.

    Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer
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    It be nice if JJ made a deal for him IMO
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    I don't think he was given a fair chance in the NFL period by being drafted by the Browns.
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    No crap. They probably even told players to run the wrong routs. This kid has never gotten a fair chance in Cleveland. No players around him.

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    Boo freaking hoo, really? He has a weak arm and a limited ability to read coverage, and not everybody gets set up in a system like Aaron Rogers. He didn't show much and they moved forward, this should be 0% a surprise.
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    Come on now guys. Brady Quinn was drafted into the same system and you see how he thrived... wait. ok maybe he has a point.
  8. He didn't show much? I couldn't disagree more. He showed enough to where they should have built around him. Let's be honest when he was the QB you guys had no talent.
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    He's scrappy, I'll give you that. He made something out of nothing. But that doesn't come close to making him a franchise QB. He CANNOT make all the throws on the field that Weeden can, and he's a fill-in player, simply not a guy you build a team around IMO.

    He's a backup, or a serviceable starter at times, but that's not what Cleveland needs. They want someone with zip who has the ability to put a team on his back and win games, and McCoy is not that. Just like any other player, he would be better in an established system with weapons and veterans, but that's also not what Cleveland has.

    Grin and bear it, or be an butthole about it. Don't be a whiny freaking baby, I cannot respect openly complaining like that.
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    Get rid of the Aggie (McGee) and get the Longhorn (McCoy).
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    I'm sorry but the same man who drafted McCoy drafted Weeden. Cleveland has been a mess for way to long and hopefully with the new blood in ownership things might start to change. Holmgren IMO will/should be fired after this season. He never had the success in Seattle as the Executive Vice President/General Manager plus coach. He is not Ron Wolf nor will he ever come near to the success Wolf had in GB.
  12. He wasn't given a fair shake. You give a QB crap and do you really expect him to be incredible with it?

    It's a west coast offense. Don't really need a guy with incredible arm strength.

    It's bullcrap to not allow him to compete for the job. Yet again another mistake by Holmgren to add to his growing list.
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    See Jeff Garcia.

    Agree with Adam. From what I saw, he had some potential and Inwouldnt mind at all having him as a backup and I'm sure Cleveland's not going to let him go on the
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    could you imagine the QB controversy the first time Romo blows a game
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    It didn't sound like whining to me, it sounds like disappointment, and definitely more honesty out of him than he's ever gotten from the team. The team could have easily released your first paragraph as a team statement and that would have been the end of it. But they didn't.

    Considering the hazing from the Daboll draft year, the ass-covering for the training staff after the Harrison hit, the rumors that they are ready to basically give him away after drafting Weeden, and finally the "competition" of this camp, you can't say he ever got a fair shake from this team and from what I've seen, he's pretty much always been professional about it.

    Being professional doesn't make him a starting quarterback, but what's he supposed to do? Lie about there being a competition to cover the front office/coaching staff in whatever bullcrap they're trying to feed the "media" :icon_rolleyes: in Cleveland? Screw that.
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    Terry Pluto had a pretty well-written story today about the situation. She's not perfect but definitely superior to some of the Grossi links I've seen on here recently. A highlight:

    It's not all that brutal, but we all know it was a writing-on-the-wall scenario.
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  17. Why would any NFL team trade for someone when they have barely evaluated what they already have? Mccoy will be traded by the time the pre season is over imo.
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    I think most teams will wait for him to get cut. Cleveland wont hold onto him even as a backup to much distraction now. If Cleveland was smart they would have played the QB controversy out longer to build hype around McCoy to get more. Kind of how Philly robbed Arizona with Kolb. He can come to Dallas and sit 3rd string. Wade Wilson and Garrett will whip him into shape.

    Weeden better preform like a champ. Cause heads will be rolling next off season if they don't go at least 8-8.
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    This "Colt McCoy has potential to be successful" crap is still here? The guy has no potential, his floor is third string, his roof is second string. As much as he was cursed with being drafted by the Browns, poor physique, a weak arm and (as stated by cpgo) limited coverage reading ability is rarely going to lead you to success in this league for any team.

    Again, just like a lot of the guys who had success at big colleges with great popularity, their abilities are greatly exaggerated, but yet that wave of hype tends to carry them to a career in the NFL.
  20. LOL