Browns QB Colt McCoy Doesn't Believe He Was Given A Fair Shot

Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by SRW, Aug 6, 2012.

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    I'm not saying he should start. I'm just saying he wasn't treated fairly. Life's not fair though. He'll get over it and be a good backup. I dont see this as a huge distraction and I think he makes about 1/6 what Seneca Wallace is making. Plus, McCoy is already better. Wallace should be the one packing (especially if new ownership has Holmgren on the way out too).

    PS Terry Pluto is a dude (or one ugly bald chick). The eye roll above was more about the Plain Dealer website pretty much turning into a link garden for other peoples blogs instead of reporting their own news.
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    You're right, it comes down to the fact that life isn't fair. And if you're expecting fair treatment in the NFL, you're in the wrong business. Guys get cut ruthlessly, and this isn't even as bad.

    I guess I don't mind the PD's coverage because I itch for Browns content, and you don't get much nationally. If I left a "she" reference, it's because I thought Cabot wrote the story and had to change that attribution.
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    dont worry - joe banner will fix everything.
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    I've been asking for opinions of Banner and not heard much. Care to elaborate? Seems like the above post was made with sarcasm ingrained, so please explain if you would.
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    Nice rebuttal :clap:
  6. I just don't see how if you've ever watched him you can come to such an opinion.
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    I've seen enough of him at both levels of the game to form an opinion on his abilities. He hasn't demonstrated enough of what is desired from a starting QB with the Browns (Obviously with the Browns that's hard, but the point stands) and I don't see him as having the tools for another team to gamble on him as being their possible starting QB in the future. By judging by the rejection of both the Browns and the rest of the teams in the NFL to McCoy, it seems apparent that I am not the only one who thinks the way I do.

    Saying that, he is a better option for the Browns than Brandon Weeden.