Browns RB Jamal Lewis Breaks 1000 Yds Rushing

Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by wide right, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. wide right

    wide right Grumpy Old Man

    Cleveland Browns running back Jamal Lewis goes over 1,000 yards
    Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

  2. frost

    frost Irreverent Bastard

    He looked impressive yesterday.
  3. SuperBeast

    SuperBeast BANNED

    he has all season imo
  4. TDJets72027

    TDJets72027 Rex Ryan baby

    Yeah seriously, he'sm a good RB, and starting to look like his 2003 form
  5. bizell

    bizell NFL-Fans refugee

    he friggin gashed us last wk. :/
  6. Browncos

    Browncos Starter

    He impressed me this whole season. I remember when we had Reuben Droughnes and he was the first player since the ninties to rush for 1,000yds and everyone in CLE was freaking out lol. Now all we need to do is give him a contract at the end of the season and we will in pretty good shape.
  7. Cheezymadman

    Cheezymadman Born Again Browns Backer

    Comeback Player Of The Year, in my book.
  8. Bulluck53

    Bulluck53 NFL-Fans

    What are your thoughts on LenDale White this year?
  9. Browncos

    Browncos Starter

    Ned to lose weight to be affective. There are only 2 effective fat RBs. The Fridge and The Bus.
  10. Bulluck53

    Bulluck53 NFL-Fans

    White also surpassed 1,000yds rushing for the season last week.
  11. Spanky

    Spanky Special Teamer

    It's amazing what a "balanced offense" will do for you.

    Unlike Baltimore where they relied on a pounding run game but didn't invest in the O-Line like they should have. Also haven't had a QB to throw the ball which helps, though I'm not sold on D.A...

    I'm glad he's doing well. I see him on TV and he is a BIG back, should have been more productive IMO, but you are only as good as the tools you have to work with.