Browns Rookie QB Colt McCoy Excited About Start Vs Steelers

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    The mere thought of a rookie quarterback starting for their team against one of the league’s best defenses is enough to make many NFL fans cringe. That scenario will unfold when the Browns rookie quarterback Colt McCoy faces the Steelers on Sunday afternoon. “I’m excited about it,†McCoy said. “You can tell my teammates, they’re all joshing with me and giving me a hard time. I’m really excited. Back in the huddle, back calling plays.†He knows that the current situation is not an ideal one, but McCoy feels that he is prepared to be able to take advantage of his opportunity. “This wasn’t the scenario that the coaches wanted,†McCoy said. “Jake and Seneca, they’re outstanding. I’ve learned so much from them. I’ve been in the locker room with them and in the meetings with them. I’ve taken the same notes they have all year long. I’ve prepared like I was the starter every week and that’s not going to change.â€

    Source: Football News Now
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    "they're all joshing with me"

    Steelers are going to own your soul.