Browns Trade LB Kamerion Wimbley To The Raiders

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  1. Adam Caplan of reports via twitter that the Cleveland Browns have traded linebacker Kamerion Wimbley to the Oakland Raiders, according to a league source. Terms of the trade is yet to be disclosed. Wimbley should help the Raiders' pass rush at outside linebacker, as he notched a team high 6.5 sacks with Cleveland in 2009.

    Source: Adam Caplan:
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  2. Spring Cleaning for The Browns is underway.
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  4. This deal means Wimbley will be moving back to defensive end for the first time since Florida State. And it should be a natural transition.
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    You're kidding me. You are kidding me. All righty then.

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    Highly doubt it.. Al Davis is high on Trevor Scott and Matt Shaughnessy.
  7. Wimbley has much more pass rushing potential and athletic ability than Scott and Shaughnessy. Davis wouldn't have made the deal if he thought otherwise. You can never have too many pass rushers.
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    Wimbley is in no way a LB in a 4-3.

    Doesnt mean he is gonna start, he probobly will, but just means he is gonna be a DE

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    I can respect that..

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    I forgot that Trevor Scott was moved to Linebacker last season. I guess Seymour will move to Defensive Tackle?
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    The Browns received the Raiders 3rd rounder.

    Browns unload Wimbley for third-rounder -
  11. Adam Schefter has confirmed it.

    Adam Schefter:

    The Browns got a pretty nice deal there, netting a high third for Wimbley.
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    Dysfunctional team.
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    It allows you guys to be able to move Seymore around the line

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    A 3rd Rounder for Wimbley isn't that bad! We'll get another 3rd Round pick for Morrison within a few days..

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    John Marshall moved Seymour around alot last season.. (To me) he was more effective lined up as a Defensive Tackle.
  15. Adam Schefter reports that some of the coaches in the AFC North texted saying that they are relieved that Kamerion Wimbley is out of their division.

    Adam Schefter: