Browns Unlikely To Cut WR Josh Gordon

Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by DaBears22, Jul 10, 2014.

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    After yet another arrest this month, the Cleveland Browns have to be uncertain as to what course of action they should take with wide receiver Josh Gordon, who was already facing a potential year-long suspension for multiple failed drug tests.

    But according to a report by Mike Florio at, it is unlikely the Browns will decide to cut Gordon, though they are considering it.

    Gordon was arrested over the Fourth of July weekend on DWI charges, an incident which sparked NFL great Cris Carter, who dealt with addiction in his past, to say the Browns should cut Gordon.

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    I wouldn't cut him either. If they do another team will almost certainly take the risk and sign him. Should this dude then decide to get hit crap together it could potentially bite the Browns on the field. Keeping him around doesn't cost a dime. Carter's been there, done that, but in this case I disagree with him.
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    Sure another team will sign him and they'll sign him to a team friendly, incentive filled deal. The Browns are stuck with what ever deal he has...
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