Browns Will Fire Head Coach Rob Chudzinski

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    Rob Chudzinski will be fired after just one season as coach of the Cleveland Browns, league sources told ESPN.

    Browns officials were meeting with Chudzinski on Sunday night, a team source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

    The Browns are expected to make Chudzinski's firing official early this week, a source told Mortensen.

    Chudzinski was hired Jan. 11 after the Browns fired Pat Shurmur less than a year ago. The Browns, including owner Jimmy Haslam, became convinced they made a mistake and did not want to continue down their current path with Chudzinski, sources said.

    The Browns plan to commence their head coaching search immediately. Last year they interviewed Bill O'Brien, Ken Whisenhunt and Chip Kelly, whom they regret not being able to hire.

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    No QB, No RB, Greg Little as your #2 the head coach. Definitely the route to
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    Incredible. I thought he did fairly well, considering. It's not like he took over a good team and tanked it, he took over a terrible team, dealt with a ton of adversity (they were signing and starting QB's off the street for crying out loud), and were still mostly competitive. Probably more competitive than they should have been.

    You've got to give a guy half a chance to turn around a bad situation, especially when there were glimpses of good things to come here and there. The win immediately or kick rocks mentality in the NFL is getting out of hand, these things ususally take time, and if you believe in someone enough to give them the reins, you should be willing to give them a reasonable chance to see things through. Not everyone gets lucky like Reid or Harbaugh, and gets to take over a team with a ton of talent that just needed a few adjustments and a nudge in the right direction. Sorry, Browns fans. I'm bummed for you.
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    He has been fired already according to the nfl network.
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    It's already official,they fired him! And browns fans are rightly going nuts.
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    This franchise was doomed when they hired Lombardi as their GM.