Browns WR Braylon Edwards Accused Of Assault

Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by Sweets, Oct 5, 2009.

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    A-28-year-old Cleveland man accused Browns receiver Braylon Edwards of assaulting him early this morning at the View Ultralounge & Nightclub. Edward Givens said the incident took place outside of The View Night Club on 618 Prospect at about 2:30 a.m. Givens said he went to Lutheran Hospital this morning because he suffered a black eye and a cut and he said he also has a headache. The suspect's name on the police report is redacted, but multiple sources and the victim say the suspect is Edwards.

    Source: The Plain Dealer
  2. brw

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    prolly told him he sucked.... and braylon got mad he speakin' true!
  3. Darius Ali

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    Kind of dumb to say he sucks when he has no QB and no defense, and no o-line and no Run game ect ect ect.... Kind of like when people though Randy Moss was washed up when he was in Oakland with the same situation. Its not a situation where a WR can do anything.
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    he got his butt kicked ............ :grouplaugh:
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    And he's probably gonna make a lot of money off of it...
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    I did a google image search and apparently this is the victim... Edward Givens

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    2:30am....Nothing good ever happens after 2 in the morning.
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    Sure it does, the ugly girls get picked up...old saying is "everything looks good after 2:00am".
  10. cpgobrowns

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    Braylon's not washed up, but he sucks (especially with his back to the defense), just like Moss sucked in Oakland. If its because his head isn't in it, who cares? Braylon's done a lot more to hurt the defense than the defense has done to hurt him.

    Maybe Braylon dropped one of them.
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  12. Darius Ali

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    So Moss Magically lost his skills and sucked for two years then regained them again through magic and was amazing once again? Is that what your saying?
  13. cpgobrowns

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    No, I'm saying he was being a punk who gave up on his team. You don't question his effort in Oakland?
  14. Darius Ali

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    No I do not. In year one he played with a groin injury the entire season and still had over 1000 yds and led the team in TD's. Year two he again played all 16 games. I've said it a million times before. No WR in history could have done anything spectacular on those Raider teams. You had to see the games to believe it. It was ten times worse then now. ZERO blocking, NO time for WR to even finish thier routes before the QB was either Hit or chased out of the pocket. It was absolutely garbage. Moss was open a billion times that year but horrible line play, No QB play, No Run game = no WR stats.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Randy Moss as A Raider[/ame]
  15. URL54MVP

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    He could drop the football less.

    So anyways turns out the guy he beat up is a buddy of Lebron James and Lebron had this to say:

    Browns WR accused of punching LeBron's friend - NFL News - FOX Sports on MSN

    "I've never crossed paths with Braylon before, but it seems like there's a little jealousy going on with Braylon and me and my friends. I have no idea why," James said. "I've never said anything to Braylon at all. But for him to do that is very childish. My friend is 130 pounds. Seriously. It's like hitting one of my kids. It doesn't make sense."

  16. Darius Ali

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    I agree he does drop passes. But overall he does not in anyway SUCK. T.O. Drops his fair share as well but he's second all time in TD catches and is a lock for the Hall of Fame so....
  17. cpgobrowns

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    I've seen enough games like that in Cleveland over the last decade (weeks 2 and 3 this year). But the perception is that Moss quit in Oakland. At least that's my perception. I don't know that Braylon necessarily quit, I just think he's a headcase that needs the whole city of Cleveland to give him a hug. He thinks he gets booed because he went to Michigan. Catch a 70 yard touchdown and see if you get booed. Hell, catch a first down and see if you get booed.
  18. URL54MVP

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    Eh, I don't think Braylon sucks. I'd be curious how T.O.'s total drops has been year by year in his career. I don't recall him dropping the ball as much in SF or Philly but I could be wrong.
  19. Darius Ali

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    Perception is not always accurate. :icon_eek:
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    Yeah that is why I said I could be wrong. But in the case of Braylon, he needs to focus more and drop the ball less because he doesn't have a HOF career to lean on. If he wants to fully make his mark on the game, concentrate on the things he CAN control first. But then again he will probably always feel frustrated playing in Cleveland. He might need the change of scenery to be his best.