Browns WR Braylon Edwards Wants To Remain With Team

Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by 86WARD, May 23, 2009.

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    Receiver Braylon Edwards, speaking at voluntary minicamp for the first time since off-season trade rumors, said he didn't want to leave Cleveland on a bad note after his subpar 2008 season. "I didn't get excited [about the rumors]," he said. "One, they were rumors and there was nothing to hold on to. And two, I felt like if I would have left Cleveland for any reason, I would have left with a bad taste in my mouth. "I wanted to get back to playing good football, definitely here. It's a business and who knows what's going to happen next year. But for me, it was just about getting back to what I know I can do and being the player the Browns drafted in '05 and that the fans saw in '07."

    Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer
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    lol, what a bunch of bs. He's saying this now because no one would trade for him, and what choice does he have, he's still under contract for another year. I will give him credit for trying to squash out any drama though.

    We will see if he want to remain with the team next year.
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    I said it in a previous thread. "Contract year" means he has to do it right. He's saying a lot of the same things he said before his breakout season. "I want to be the player they drafted me to be, etc, etc." I didn't read anything that made me think he wants to be a Brown next year. They left that part out of the title. SoDev is right though. I'm glad he didn't feed any drama over it.
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    Your right also. I was giving him credit for not making drama, when in actuality it's like you said, because it's a contract year. So, it's still good for the Browns this year, but it's completely self serving.