Browns WR Josh Gordon Faults Second-Hand Smoke For Positive Test

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    The legal team for Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon will argue in a hearing Friday that its client has disputed test results that were caused from second-hand marijuana smoke, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports. This according to sources.

    Gordon is appealing the NFL's imposition of a yearlong suspension for a positive test for marijuana.

    Gordon's legal team will argue that the positive tests are so marginal that they show uncertainty as to whether the test results were truly positive, and even if so, were the result of exposure to second-hand smoke, according to sources familiar with the case.

    Gordon's "A" sample tested at 16 nanograms per milliliter, a bare one nanogram per milliliter above the 15-nanogram-per-milliliter threshold, while Gordon's "B" sample -- which should theoretically be consistent with the "A" sample, as it comes from the exact same specimen -- tested at 13.63 ng/ml, lower than the threshold.

    With both samples coming from the same specimen test, the results should be consistent. Gordon's attorneys do not believe their client should be suspended for a year for differing disputed test results, especially when only one was barely higher than the threshold, sources said.

    Source: The Redzone
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    I guess it is possible but I it take a lot of hotboxing for it to actually get into ure system.
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    Seems legit...
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    Second failed drug test plus a DWI and he's tryin' to sell second hand smoke? OK.
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    Doesn't this rank right up there with my dog ate my homework as an excuse?