Browns WR/KR Joshua Cribbs Formally Requests Trade

Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by mike oxlong, May 21, 2009.

  1. mike oxlong

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    Cleveland Browns wide receiver Joshua Cribbs, upset that the new management team hasn't initiated talks to re-do his contract, has asked to be traded. Not only did Cribbs inform the team of his request, but he issued a lengthy statement to notify Browns fans of his intentions as well. "I humbly and respectfully come to Browns fans and the Browns letting all know that I have given my all to this team, on and off the field for 4 complete years selflessly without regard to myself and my own family." Cribbs' statement read. "Contracts are one-sided in favor of the team, yet we as players are told to honor our contracts without the team honoring them. We are not doctors and lawyers, we don't get paid for 25 years of work. If we are lucky, we get 10 years at best to make all the money we can to last the rest of our life."

  2. Lord_Joe

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    id trade julius jones for him straight up
  3. skinsfan1

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    he's a good decent player
  4. brw

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    he's too scared to do returns now, same thing that happened to devin hester
  5. nastynate184

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    he is a good returner but he does not warrent a bigger contract then he already has imo
  6. 86WARD

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    he's slightly above average...he had one really good season. He contributes no where else on the field...he deserves what he's getting.
  7. theeraser21

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    naw, then T.J. Duckett would be your top RB, I would trade a Colts third round pick. He was overrated last season. His returns really worsened
  8. CaptainStubing

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    yeah, Cribbs, I'm sure the Browns are really looking to trade you because the value of a kick returner is worth so much in this league. Dude, if you could do ANYTHING else on a football field at this level you might be worth something.

    Sorry, Cribbs, you're just Billy Johnson minus the ability to play wide receiver ......................... which means you suck.
  9. phiglesphan

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    Reggie Brown straight up
  10. 86WARD

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    And there's the receiver that does less than Jash
  11. cpgobrowns

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    We don't want any of your scrubs. He's clearly out performed his contract, but the team holds all the cards. So, he'll threaten to hold out like everybody else. I'd like to see what he can do at safety before paying him, .... and see someone else on PR's.
    He wants "Devin Hester" money, but I wouldn't have given Devin Hester "Devin Hester" money if I was GM of the Bears.
    The funny thing is, before the site went down I was gonna post a thread asking which unhappy Eagle was gonna demand a trade next. Then this crap happens.
  12. Dougerrrr

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    He plays for the Browns and you all expect him to be good anywhere other than kick returner?
  13. Roy31

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    I'd take him here in Dallas, give up a 4th for him or whatever. Maybe a 5th... Make it happen Jerrruh!
  14. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels

    Id pbutt. I would rather have Felix returning KR's, and Cribbs is asking for 4 years- 40 Million......for 25 yards a, no
  15. Roy31

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    lol it's not like he's ever going to see that type of money.
  16. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels

    I wouldnt give him any more than what he is making.

    Your only as good as your last day, and he averaged 25 yards a return. Put up 28 this year then ask for a new deal or just heck off.

    I would much rather have Parrish. We dont really need a KR as much as a PR, and Parrish is a much better PR than Cribbs
  17. cpgobrowns

    cpgobrowns < Deer/Headlights

    He's not going to see that type of money, but he will probably make more. He's not just a KR/PR. He's also the leading tackler on special teams and the first one down the field on every kick coverage play.
    He had 2 catches last year as a WR because he's not really a WR. They experimented with him in their "Flash" package last year on offense but that didn't work for a few reasons.
    1. He only passed out of it 4 times. (Braylon dropped at least 2).
    2. A trick package doesn't work if the piece that makes it work only comes on the field when you are running it. They faked a reverse to him only once last year that I remember and it worked pretty well.
  18. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels

    Id still rather have Parrish than playing a returner/gunner 10 million per