Bucaneers QB Jeff Garcia Walking Away From Football?

Discussion in 'Tampa Bay Buccaneers' started by 86WARD, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. 86WARD

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    Interviewed by Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan of NFL Radio, Jeff Garcia stated that he is so disillusioned with his contract that he is considering walking away from the game of football.

    He also found it disheartening that Matt Ryan was awarded the contract that he received.
  2. Mike

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    You signed your contract, stop snitching about it
  3. 86WARD

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  4. suedon70

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    Look, I don't think these rookies deserve these ginormous contracts either, but Garcia is killing me!!! Hey Jeff: you're not an elite QB, and on top of that, you're 38 years old!!!!! HELLO!!!!! :icon_rolleyes:
  5. chiefswin19games

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    Garcia should quit.
  6. TJ

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    quack quack quack
  7. 86WARD

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    Classic Garcia. He was also talking about how "mistreating players" will eventually comeback to bite a team in the butt...mistreated???

    I think T.O. was right. If it looks like a rat and smells like a rat...
  8. burnout2oo7

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    If you'd rather retire than play the game for a mere 2 million dollars, then do us all a favor and just retire now.
  9. 86WARD

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    No..he'd rather be mistreated...
  10. smeags

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    wow, this guy has really shown his true colors. what a freaking cat. seriously - this asshat is acting like this while people who actually work for a living are losing their homes left and right.

    so tampa fans - you think we were right about garcia being greedy now ? still think he was screwed over in philly ?
  11. 86WARD

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    He's an butthole...
  12. DaBearsrule4ever

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    Sad knowing T.O. snitched about his contract with the Eagles, one year into a seven year deal. Then again, T.O. is worth way more money then Garcia ever has been as a player anyway.

    Ok, Garcia knew his future wasn't in Philly with McNabb returning and knowing they drafted Kolb anyway. Then again, I don't know what he thought he was going to get on the open market anyway. Anyone of us on this board could have told Garcia he wouldn't get much which he didn't.
  13. TJ

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    Maybe he can't feed his family with $2M a year :moe:

    Remember Latrell Sprewell? :lol:
  14. DaBearsrule4ever

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    If the offer was insulting from the beginning, then why did he sign it? LOL
  15. Sweets

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    As far as feeding his family, any of the NFL players snitching about contracts, the same things can be said about them too.

    We have only ourselves to blame for the bloated contracts, we're the ones that watch the games, buy the merchandise and make the game as popular as it is so we're the ones making sure the NFL players have money up the yin yang...don't blame the players for being greedy, heck I'd be greedy too if they'd let me and all of you would to..admit it.
  16. PurplePeopleEaters

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    garcia. stfu! please! here is $3 million go away.
  17. ravenfan52

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  18. WarEagle

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    These professional athletes make me sick with their griping and sniffling over their contracts.

    Hey Jeff Garcia... you know what helps? WHINING ABOUT IT! Go away!
  19. smeags

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    that has to be the flat out worst deflection excuse i have ever heard in my life trying to justify players greed.

    i am now dumber for reading this and i want the 10 seconds it took to read back.

    that doesn't really change anything.
  20. bizell

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    and ty law...