Buccaneers Invest in Virtual Reality Teaching Tool For Jameis Winston

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    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have bought a new virtual-reality teaching tool for rookie quarterback Jameis Winston.

    The Bucs announced Monday that they will begin using the Sidekiq football-simulator software developed by EON Sports VR. The Bucs will begin using the system when training camp starts Aug. 1.

    "We are excited to be coming in on the front end of this new wave of technology that is designed to supplement the on-field and classroom work that our quarterbacks are already doing," general manager Jason Licht said. "Obviously, there is no real substitute for being on the field when it comes to getting our players ready for game action. However, this virtual-reality technology allows us to enhance the learning experience for our quarterbacks without requiring them to put in additional time on the practice fields."

    The system uses computer-generated graphics to simulate game conditions and allows the user to custom-tailor a virtual game scenario from the same perspective they would see on the field during a game or practice session.

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    Too easy.
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    They just couldn't wait for Madden 16, could they?
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    glad you posted TJ. Here goes. They already have a VR simulation for them. It is called Doom. Watch them during a game trying to push the X button. Bucs sucs.