Bucky f**k**ing Dent

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    You’re going to hear the name Bucky Dent mentioned a lot today. That’s because the Boston Red Sox play the New York Yankees in a single elimination play-in game to see who advances into the playoffs and more fittingly, who goes home.

    This game is eerily reminiscent of one of Major League Baseball’s most famous games, played between the two teams that constitute baseball’s most historic rivalry.

    Sorry to unload but here's a personal account of that game : Bucky f**k**ing Dent - Sports Chump
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    A few weeks later my 9 year old self cried as Ron Cey and the stupid Dodgers took out the Phillies. Heartbreaking.
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    Went to Sox-Rays Game One last night, Dawk.

    Stay tuned for pics and details.
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