BuffaloBills.com Is 1st In NFL To Launch New Look

Discussion in 'Buffalo Bills' started by wide right, Oct 9, 2008.

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    The Buffalo Bills Wednesday unveiled a new look and improved functionality on buffalobills.com, the teams official website. In a league-wide effort to enhance website content and user navigation, the Bills are the first NFL club to launch the new platform while the remaining 31 teams will follow periodically over the next three years. As part of the new NFL platform, buffalobills.com will have access to a variety of new video content provided exclusively to buffalobills.com from the National Football League. The Bills are proud to be the first team to launch on this new dynamic platform, stated Marc Honan, Bills senior vice president of broadcasting and marketing. We received fantastic fan feedback during our Beta Testing and we are confident our fans will enjoy all the new features.

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    Chris Brown's blog.....a must read.
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    I remember the beta testing and what I've seen I liked alot.

    Agreed SRW

    It's gonna take some getting used to.
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    I went and read some comments on their message board, and from the sounds of it, we will be getting quite a few new Bills fans as members here at GIF.

    Lot's of complaints and people looking for a new place for Bills fans to congregate.
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    lol like there is such a thing as LOTS of bills fans
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    I loved Brownie since his radio days as a Bills beat reporter. Quality dude right there.

    The photo section is unbelievably amazing. But yeah, it's gonna take a bit to figure it out.

    As with most official team boards, that place is garbage. Busy as hell, but garbage. I wish there would be people coming over. I haven't spent enough time over there to recruit folks.

    Bills 2008 home games sold-out

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    The official sold-out status for the Bills 2008 season by the end of September marks the earliest their home games have sold-out in the history of the franchise.

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    Hey, Im from Western New York

    We're not very good at going to football games
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    Looks good
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    :Clueless: Um, you from a different WNY than I am? Since when? The Bills have sold out the season, the Sabres sold out last season, are you talking minor league baseball or indoor lacrosse???