C Jeff Saturday Tries To Fire Up 0-9 Colts In Players-Only Meeting

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    After the Colts were crushed by the Atlanta Falcons 31-7, center Jeff Saturday held a players only meeting with his teammates on Monday according to Phil Richards of the Indianapolis Star. "I felt like it needed to be said and I said it," the Colts' five-time Pro Bowl center said Friday. "I don't want to go into the details of it." "It was really stern," rookie left tackle Anthony Castonzo said. "It was like, 'Listen, we're not joking around. We're 0-9 right now.' " Veteran wide receiver Reggie Wayne said the message was clear and succinct: "Play football, nothing else. Love football, nothing else. Be a man, nothing else," Wayne said. "He didn't have to yell. He didn't have to scream. He didn't have to be 'Macho Man' Randy Savage. He was Jeff Saturday. That's how we took it." Caldwell gave Saturday his wholehearted consent. In 35 years of coaching, Caldwell said, he hasn't "been around a team yet where the leadership from the inside, from players, is not extremely important." The players took it equally seriously. "It was all the truth, something we needed to hear," safety Antoine Bethea said. "Hopefully guys really listened to it and will respond to it."

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    well, geez, at some point these guys need to show a little pride. that's the embarassing part. it seems as though they've just accepted their fate as being bad this year without Manning. where is their pride? really embarassing for them.