Cameron Sealed His Fate With Silence

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    The Miami Dolphins allowed a few days for the world to believe that Cam Cameron may have had a chance to return as head coach. An awful lot of negative things happen in a 1-15 season but toward the end of the year, events that occurred between the players and Cameron and his GM Randy Mueller told a tale of a place in complete shambles.

    Even if Bill Parcells had not been hired, the current regime had to change. Two separate incidents in particular paint a picture of a major rift between Cameron and Mueller and the locker room.

    In interviews with several Dolphins sources both Cameron and Mueller had interpersonal difficulties with locker room leaders in their final days on the job.

    The first incident centers around Cameron and began when DT Keith Traylor and guard Vernon Carey got into a very heated exchange that nearly turned into physical on the team's flight back from New England in Week 16.

    Traylor at first got into it with another player but then when he went to the back of the plane to apologize, the whole affair escalated into what was nearly a very messy incident with Carey. Players were forced to jump into the fray and separate the combatants.

    Players say Cameron, the leader of the team, simply stood up as the players broke up the ruckus but never exerted his authority.

    That is crazy that a coach would allow players to disrespect him to this degree.
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    Cam Cameron, you are a freaking DISGRACE to all of the NFL Coaches!:icon_mad: :icon_mad:
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    He'll stick to being an Offensive Coordinator if hre knows whats good for him. His lack of leadership and ability to bond with players was obvious at a very early point in the season. Good luck to him whereever he go's. I'm just glad it's not in south Florida!:icon_thumright:

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    Which is why he's out!
    A head coach is supposed to be a source of inspiration, someone who CAN and knows how to control his players...
    I'm glad Porter put him in his place.

    Love the signature! :icon_eek:
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    Well done Joey Porter. Nice to see someone speaking their mind.
    Cam didn't have control over the locker room, and this proves it.
    As nice a guy as he was, I'm glad he's gone.
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    Thanks I'm fond of it myself...:icon_cheesygrin: