Can Bill O'Brien Erase Past Memories For Texans Fans?

Discussion in 'Houston Texans' started by Adam Butts, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. Adam Butts

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    Well its finally here, the 2014 NFL football season. Aside from the fans, probably no one is more excited than the players. Players eager to put, what can only be described as a complete and total disaster on almost every level, the 2013 season behind them. If you were one to go on stats alone you would think that the Texans had competed at every level. There average time of possession was 31:31 as opposed to their counterparts, who averaged 29:30 . However the counter argument is it depends on what you do when you have the opportunity. Amazingly enough, also the amount of yards […]

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  2. Buck Fenson

    Buck Fenson formerly Jake from State Farm

    you know what? fans nowadays are so spoiled. back in the day, when a new franchise came into the league, teams only allowed the old and horrible players to be signed by the new team. It was hard to win as a new team. Took years to build a team that could compete. Not so now. The new teams can usually get some good players, or at least better than back in the day. Texans fans experienced winning faster than most newbies do.